"The start to a better world, or better life, or better future is simply our belief that it is possible. Believe in fresh starts and new beginnings. Believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around you. Believe that the universe is friendly and that life is on your side. Believe that you are here for a reason. Believe that nothing is too good to be true. Believe you must take your chance. Believe it when others might not. Believe there’s always, always, always a way. Believe you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you. Believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Believe you might be that light for someone else. Believe that life is sacred. Believe you are blessed. Believe in the miracle of a second chance. Believe in giving back. Believe in love and everything it touches. Believe that friendship is an honor and privilege. Believe in taking a stand. Believe you can make a difference. Believe we can build a better world. Believe in today. Believe that the best is yet to be. And believe in yourself. No matter what kind of challenge lies before you, if somebody believes in you and you believe in your dream, it can happen."

— Unknown