Being rejected doesn’t make you a failure. It doesn’t make you unloveable or unwanted. It doesn’t discount all the people who love and care about you. And it doesn’t mean you’re inadequate. All rejection means is that the relationship wasn’t the right fit. And just because a connection was lacking this time doesn’t mean you can’t find a connection in the future. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been turned down by a romantic interest, a potential job, a university, your peers, or your coworkers—

your worth as a person is not dictated by the opinions of other people. Not everyone is going to feel a connection to you, and that’s okay. It’s impossible to win everyone’s approval. So stop focusing on all the people who have rejected you, and start holding onto all the people who have embraced you with love and open arms. These are the people and relationships that matter. Let go of the rest."

— Daniell Koepke