"There is nothing shameful about needing help to function. Whether it’s help in the form of medication, therapy, support groups, mental health hotlines, or the inbox of a friend— it’s okay to need a crutch to lean on. It doesn’t make you any less capable or competent. It doesn’t make you weak. And it doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human. It’s makes you a person who is wounded and searching for a way to heal. It makes you someone with the courage to acknowledge that they have needs and the strength to get those needs met. And although it may be true that not everyone needs these things to cope, it’s a lie to think that everyone else can function without support. No one gets through life without some form of help. No one is impervious to the struggle and strain and heartbreak that come with taking up space. We all have a difficult time coping, and at some point, we all need help. You are not an exception. You’re important and you matter. Your life matters. And if asking for help is going to make things more manageable, if it’s going to ease your pain and help you fight the darkness you carry, then you have every right and reason to get support. Always."

— Daniell Koepke